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PediPaws Instructions

| Updated September 26, 2017

PediPaws battery-operated nail trimmers use an emery filing wheel to gradually remove layers of your pet's nails. If you've been trimming your pet's nails with clippers, he might at first be wary of the device. Train your pet so he understands PediPaws will not hurt him by acclimating him to it gradually with lots of praise and treats. After your pet is comfortable, you can trim his claws and file them all in one step.

Pre-Use Training

Gather some treats for your pet and sit on a bed or couch. Call your pet to you, praise him for coming and give him a treat.

Place the PediPaws near your pet and allow him to investigate it. Praise him and give him another treat.

Turn the PediPaws on by pressing the orange button, then pet, praise and treat your pet. Perform this training on a daily basis until your pet is very comfortable around the device.

Turn on the PediPaws and take your pet's paw. Support one nail between your forefinger and thumb. Place the nail tip in the slot in the PediPaws for only about a second. Remove the nail, praise and treat your pet.

Trim one entire paw, filing every other nail tip on the next day. Shower your pet with treats and praise while you file his nails. Your pet should now be ready for you to file all of his nails.

Nail Trimming Tips

  • Screw on the orange protective cap securely before using PediPaws. If the cap slips off during use, it can pull your pet's nail.
  • Support each nail that you trim so that it is steady while filing.
  • File nails for 3 to 5 seconds, then move to the next nail. You can repeat the filing process on all nails several times
  • Guide PediPaws around the nail in a rounded motion on both the upper and lower portion of the nail to prevent nails being sharp.
  • Use PediPaws until each nail is filed a little at a time and they are smooth and rounded on the tips.

PediPaws Care

  • Turn off your PediPaws after using it.
  • Unscrew the orange cap and empty the nail filings in the garbage.
  • Wipe the PediPaws off with a dry cloth to remove any nail filings or dust.
  • Store your PediPaws in a dry, safe location where children do not have access to it.
  • Remove the batteries if you are storing it for a long time before using it again.