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How to Shave a Yorkie Yourself

| Updated September 26, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors

  • Electric or cordless dog clippers

  • Comb

  • Treats

A Yorkshire terrier's coat is similar to human hair. It is fine, soft and not coarse. It tangles easily and can get matted quickly. Despite daily brushing, a Yorkie's coat can get dull and dirty quickly. Shaving your Yorkie is a good idea, especially in the summer when the temperature rises. It keeps the dog cool and is much easier to care for when it's short. With time and patience, you can shave your Yorkie painlessly.

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Comb all the tangles and dirt from your Yorkie's coat. Make sure the fur is not matted and that your Yorkie does not have any sores or skin irritations. If there are signs of skin irritations, take your dog to the vet before you attempt to shave the dog.

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Run the clippers, with the power turned off, on your Yorkie's back a few times. Give it a treat when it does not balk at the feeling of the clipper. Turn the clipper on and rub his back with the non-cutting edge while praising him. Get him used to the feel, the sound and the smell of the instrument.

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If your dog's fur is very long, hand-cut it down to an inch from the skin. Don't forget the underbelly. This fur is very fine and tangles easily. Carefully snip this hair to an inch in length. Hand-cut around the eyes, on top of the snout, and the beard. Using the clippers, shave the ears carefully. Leave about 1/2 inch of fur on the top of the ears.

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Use the clipper attachment marked 1/2 inch. Starting from the neck, shave a straight line down the back, stopping at the hindquarters. Do not shave your dog to the skin. Continue shaving along his back, taking your time and stopping frequently to reward him for good behavior. Shave the sides carefully. Shave the legs, being careful not to nick the skin. Hand-cut the fur under the paws. Hand-cut around the rectum as well.