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How to Trim a Boykin Spaniel

| Updated September 26, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Dog brush

  • Grooming clippers

  • No. 7 blade

  • No. 10 blade

  • Grooming scissors

The Boykin Spaniel is a medium-sized and sturdy dog bred for hunting and companionship. The length at which you keep your Boykin's coat depends on the dog's function in your family. A shorter coat is preferable for an active, outdoor Boykin to avoid getting leaves and thorns tangled in long fur. Using different grooming tools, you can keep your Boykin's coat at a functional, handsome length.

Brush your dog's coat thoroughly. Be sure to brush all body parts including legs, feet, ears, armpits and neck. Remove all mats and tangles.

Attach the No. 7 blade to your grooming clippers. Use the clippers to trim all over the body, including the legs, neck, back and chest. Run the clipper with the grain of the hair. Go over the body several times until the fur is trimmed evenly.

Attach the No. 10 blade to your grooming clippers. Use the clippers to trim the dog's feet on top and between the toes, holding one foot at a time with one hand and using your other hand to run the clippers. Also trim the armpits and inside the legs, pulling each leg away from the body one at a time to trim underneath.

Clip the top and bottom of the ears and the base of the dog's ears using the No. 10 blade.

Use grooming scissors to neaten up the outline of the ear flap. Use your fingers to guide the scissors and keep from cutting the dog's skin.


  • Trimming your Boykin's coat will be easier if it has been recently bathed and dried. If you don't want to trim the entire coat, you can leave "feathers" on top of the Boykin's ears, back of the front and rear legs, chest, belly and underside of the tail (if the dog has a long tail.)