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Physical Differences of Male & Female Chimps

i Tom Brakefield/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) can be found in 22 equatorial Africa countries. They live in a range of habitats, including montane forests, evergreen rain forests, dry savannahs, dry woodlands and swamp forests. As semiarboreal creatures, they spend part of their time on the ground and part in the trees. They're humans' closest relatives, only diverging from them somewhere between 4 and 6 million years ago. Wild chimps live an average of 40 to 45 years.

Sexual Dimorphism

Chimps only display slight sexual dimorphism. Males and females look much the same, except males are slightly larger than females. On average, males weigh between 88 and 132 pounds, whereas females weigh between 70 and 104 pounds. Both sexes are roughly the same height -- usually measuring around 2 feet 8 inches -- and have the same black hair all over their bodies, with white beards, pale faces and prominent ears.