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How to Use a Furminator on a Pomeranian

By Heather Vecchioni | Updated September 26, 2017

George Doyle & Ciaran Griffin/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Pomeranians are animated dogs known for their personalities and hair coats. The are double-coated, which means they have two layers of hair — an undercoat and a topcoat. The undercoat is soft, dense and fluffy, while the topcoat is long and straight. Pom hair requires routine maintenance and will become severely knotted and matted if not taken care of, especially the undercoat. Many pom groomers and owners use the Furminator, a tool designed for the removal of an undercoat, to keep their pomeranian’s coat healthy and mat-free.

Place the small, blue Furminator on the outside of your pom’s neck, so that the edge and its teeth are angled toward the direction of her coat. Press down gently until you have reached your pom’s undercoat.

Pull the Furminator gently down your pomeranian’s back toward her bottom, pulling up and away from her skin. Use long, gentle strokes to remove her thick undercoat. Using the Furminator requires the same action and techniques as using a hairbrush or comb.

Use the Furminator all over your pomeranian’s torso, as that is where the undercoat is most prevalent. Use extreme caution around your pom’s anus, stomach, legs and genital areas, as brushing too hard can cause irritation.

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  • George Doyle & Ciaran Griffin/Stockbyte/Getty Images