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Safe Way to Trim Goldendoodle Eyes

| Updated September 26, 2017

The long and curly fur of the Goldendoodle is easily brushed away from its eyes, but trimmed fur is often easier to maintain. Fur in a dog’s eyes can scratch the corneas, according to Doctors Foster and Smith, but trimming around a dog’s eyes can be hazardous too. Use of precaution and proper tools will help you safely trim around a dog’s eyes.


A Goldendoodle’s fur may be matted or tangled, which adds difficulty to the trimming process. Use a slicker brush to smooth and untangle the fur prior to trimming. The fur on its muzzle should be brushed downward; the fur above its eyes should be brushed back over the crown of its head. Severe matting in the fur may cause pain and is difficult to remove with a slicker brush--use clippers for mat removal or seek the service of a professional groomer.

Use Proper Scissors

Blunt-nosed scissors reduce the chance of injuring the dog’s eyes during the trimming process. Your hand can serve as the barrier between the scissors and dog’s face if you hold the fur between two fingers and scissor above those fingers. Always point scissors away from the dog’s eyes and cut the fur parallel to the eyelid, as recommended by Doctors Foster and Smith.

Clip Goldendoodle Fur

Dog clippers will provide an even cut to the fur around your Goldendoodle’s eyes and face. A plastic blade attachment over the metal blade will allow you to cut the fur to your desired length. Metal blades will become hot while the clippers are turned on, but you can check the blade temperature against the inside of your wrist if not using a plastic attachment.

Clipping around a dog’s eyes is safer with the blade points aimed away from the eyes, and your hand can serve as a barrier between the blade and eyes as it would with scissors. And by covering the dog’s eyes with one hand and running the clippers upward and over its head with the other hand, there is less chance of injury if the dog jumps or moves. Run the clippers downward from the nose bridge to the mouth when clipping the muzzle. The clippers can get stuck in the fur if it is heavily tangled, so it’s important to brush it out with the slicker brush beforehand.


Seek immediate veterinary treatment for your Goldendoodle if there is an accident while grooming. If you are uncomfortable with the process or unsure of your ability to do it safely, schedule an appointment with a professional groomer.