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How to Use Andis Pet Clippers

| Updated September 26, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Andis pet clippers

  • Cat or dog

  • Second person

  • Muzzle

Grooming and clipping your long-haired dog or cat can save you a lot of money by avoiding trips to a groomer. Having your own pet clippers also allows you to clip off hair mats on older or sick pets before they cause skin problems. The Andis brand sells several styles of clippers for dogs and cats, large and small. Although each model has different features and some come with extra blades and speed options, they all operate with the same basic steps.

Set up near and electrical outlet. Make the spot comfortable for you and your pet and close to the outlet so that you have easy reach to all parts of your pet.

Attach the blade that you want to use to the clippers. Some Andis clippers come with several blade choices so that you can cut your dog or cat’s hair to different lengths. You can change blades depending on if you want longer or shorter fur in different areas on your pet.

Safely restrain your cat or dog. For some pets you may need a second person to help and/or a muzzle for your dog.

Turn the Andis clippers on using the "On/Off" button. Do this before you bring the clippers near your pet’s fur.

Choose the speed depending on where you are clipping. Set the speed to low when clipping facial hair. Use the higher setting for the body fur. If your pet is fearful, use the lower setting for the entire grooming.

Hold the Andis clippers firmly and run the clippers lengthwise along your dog or cat with one hand while you keep the skin tight with the other. Run the clippers either in the direction of nose to tail or tail to nose to give a uniform clip. You can run the clippers in the direction of the fur’s growth or against it. Clipping against the direction of the fur’s growth will give your dog or cat a shorter clip. Keeping the skin tight prevents you from accidentally cutting loose skin.


  • For matted fur, use the No. 7 or No. 10 skip-tooth blade to reach under the mat. You can check the Andis website for grooming guides for your specific breed. Give your pet a bath after clipping to wash off the cut fur before letting it run freely in the house.