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Instructions for the Oster Golden A5

| Updated September 26, 2017

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the average yearly expense for owning a pet and providing it with humane care ranges from a few hundred dollars for fish to close to $2,000 for large dogs. And grooming for long-haired dogs can easily cost an owner several hundred dollars a year. But thrifty owners can lower the cost of owning a pet while still providing everything the animal needs. With the help of Oster's Golden A5 clipper, you can save money on grooming expenses by trimming your pet's coat at home.

Prepping your A5

Ensure that the Oster Golden A5's blades are securely attached to the clipper. Gently wiggle the edges of the blades. If there is play in the blades when light force is applied, you will need to reinstall the blades.

Slide the blades off of the clippers if the blades are loose. Press the blade release tab, located at the base of the blades, using your thumb to push the tab forward. Use the thumb and index finger on your other hand to lift the edge of the blades up and pull back on them. Slide the blades forward and off of the clippers when you hear a click.

Replace the blades. Lift the tongue at the top of the clipper, using a knife or flat-head screwdriver. Insert the tool into the space at the top of the tongue, then rotate the tool to lift the tongue. Slide the base of the blades onto the tongue latch at the top of your A5 and then lower the blades back into place.

Trimming with the A5

Plug the A5 into a power outlet, then flip on the power switch, located at the bottom of the device.

Begin cutting. Guide the clippers through your pet's hair, and trim in the direction the hair is growing. Don't cut against the flow of your pet's hair, and don't force the clippers through the hair.

Use the A5 to trim the majority of your pets hair. Use scissors to trim rough patches of hair or sensitive areas.

Switch off the A5's power and remove the plug from the power outlet.


  • Shampooing, brushing and drying your pet's hair beforehand will make it easier for your A5 clippers to trim the animal's hair.