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How to Use Pedi Paws Clippers On A Dog

| Updated September 26, 2017

Sending your dog to a groomer can be expensive, but doing it your self can be daunting. Many dog owners are afraid of trimming dogs' nails because they are worried about getting hurt. However, some modern pet grooming supplies, including the Pedi Paws clippers, can help keep your pet's nails short -- and keep you from getting scratched.

Show the Pedi Paw to your dog. Let your dog see it and be comfortable with it. Talk to you pet in a calm voice while you do this.

Get your dog in the position that he is most comfortable in. You can have the dog sit in your lap, but this rarely works with a big dog. For a squirmy dog, it works best for another member of the family to sit with the dog and hold on to them. Make sure to take signals from your dog and not rush into it.

Ensure the orange protective cap is on before placing the claw in the opening of the PediPaws.

Position the claw for trimming by holding the paw up, not down. This will decrease the time it takes to clip nails. Support the nail being trimmed with your other hand.

Start with a one claw; if your pet is still having problems go back to step one. Take your time, but do not give up. It will take time for your dog to get used to it. The more you do use it though, the more comfortable your dog will get.

Give your dog a treat and lot of praise after your done. Until your dog is comfortable with the PediPaws, you may want to do the front and back paws at separate times.


  • If you remain calm, your pet will take your lead.

    The Pedi Paw is build to prevent you from hurting your dog by cutting too far, but you still must be careful. Check the nail every few seconds to ensure you are getting to close to the pink area underneath the nail. As the dog and you become familiar with the procedure, filing nails should only take a few seconds apiece.