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How to Cut the Nails of a Dog Who Fights You

| Updated September 26, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Muzzle

  • Canine nail clippers

Clipping a dog's nails is an important step in canine grooming. It keeps the dog from scratching the floor and sliding as he runs. It can be difficult to cut a dog's nails, though, especially if the dog doesn't want them cut. Many dogs are afraid of having their nails trimmed because they have been cut during the process. When dogs' nails aren't cut with care, it can cause bleeding and extreme pain to the dog.

Put a muzzle over your dog's mouth. This will keep your dog from biting you during the process of cutting his nails.

Ease your dog onto the ground and have him to lay on his side.

Get down on the ground next to your dog. Make sure you're behind the dog, so he's facing away from you.

Gently put your elbow over the dog's neck as you grab one of his front paws. This should be done with care. The goal is not to hurt the dog, but to control him so he doesn't get hurt by making you accidentally cut too much.

Start to trim the dog's nails as you continue to hold the dog down lightly with your body.

Snip off the very tip of the dog's nail. The goal is to cut the least amount of nail as possible so you don't cut the nerve that's encased inside the nail. Continue this on both the front paws.

Shift your weight so that you can reach the dog's back paws. Continue to hold down the dog's upper body with your own upper body. Be sure not to press down hard and hurt the dog -- you should only use a small amount of your body weight.

Clip the very tip of each nail on the dog's back paws.

Reward your dog with a treat when you are finished.