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How To Pick Up a Pet Rabbit

i Rabbit image by Bill from Fotolia.com

Holding and petting your pet rabbit is half the fun of having him, but you should be sure you are doing it correctly. If you do not pick up your rabbit the right way you could injure or scare him.

Step 1

Approach your rabbit's cage slowly so you do not startle him.

Step 2

Place one hand on your rabbit's head and lay the other hand gently on its back. This will help to calm your rabbit before you pick him up.

Step 3

Slide the hand that was on your rabbit's head under his body. Your forefinger should be between the rabbit's front legs. Do not grip the rabbit too tightly or you might startle him.

Step 4

Scoop your rabbit's bottom off the ground using your other hand and carefully bring him in to your chest.

Step 5

Cradle your rabbit against your body, supporting his weight with your hands.

Step 6

Sit down if you plan to hold your rabbit for an extended period of time.