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Turtledove Life Expectancy

If your true love sent you two turtledoves on the second day of Christmas, that's a symbol of a lifetime commitment, as these birds mate for life. While Streptopelia turtur is found in the wild in Europe, in North America any wild turtledoves result from domestic birds getting loose or being deliberately released.

Life Span in Captivity

In captivity, turtledoves can live 20 years or more. That's an important consideration if you're considering one for a pet. Keep your turtledoves healthy by providing them with feed specifically formulated for doves and pigeons, along with healthy treats of fruits and veggies.

Life Span in the Wild

Wild turtledoves don't live as long as their domestic counterparts. In the wild, most turtledoves will not reach the age of 14 years, so their maximum life span is approximately a third less than their captive counterparts.