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How to Use a Choke Chain for a Dog

| Updated August 11, 2017


  • Never leave a dog unattended in a choke chain. Take it off the dog immediately after use.


  • Make certain that the choke chain releases easily when slackened.

How to Use a Choke Chain for a Dog. Use a choke chain on your pet sparingly. If you feel you must use one, learn how to place the choke chain on properly, and remove it immediately after use. You can use a choke chain to walk your dog, or to train your dog. Read on to learn more.

Assemble the choke chain correctly, before you place it on. Hold one of the chains end rings and push the chain through the ring. The choke chain should slide easily in the ring. You have now formed the straight chain into a loop circle with both end rings touching.

Place the chain on the dog's neck. There is a correct and incorrect way to place the chain. Before you attach the leash, look closely at the loop you have formed with the chain. One end ring has chain going through it, the other does not. The end ring without the chain going through is the end where you want to attach the leash. Place the dog's nose and head through the loop, so that the end ring, without chain going through it, is on the top of the dog's neck.

Look at the choke chain on the dog, and gently pull on the end ring taking up all of the slack in the chain. Release the chain. It should immediately release and take all pressure off the dog's neck. This is important so make certain that the end ring without the chain going through it lies on top of the dog's neck. A correctly placed choke chain releases pressure on the dog's neck immediately when slackened.

Pull and release the chain lightly. Use the choke chain by pulling and releasing. Jerk the leash to apply a quick pull and choke, then release. If you notice that the chain is constantly tight on the dog's neck, remove the chain and replace it properly.

Place the dog on your left side. Using the quick jerk and release method with the choke chain, walk your dog keeping it next to your left leg. If the dog's right shoulder is in front of your left leg, give a quick pull on the leash so that your dog is in proper placement to your leg and release.

Use the verbal command "heel" as you utilize the choke chain's quick jerk and release method.