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'Easy Walk' Dog Harness Instructions

| Updated September 26, 2017

When walking your dog, you must maintain control of your pet for both its safety and your own. Standard and "choke" style collars can damage your dog's trachea through excessive pressure if it tends to pull against you while on the leash. Standard harnesses can encourage your dog to pull harder against you, and actually give it more leverage. The "Easy Walk" harness redirects your dog's attention with a front lead while keeping the pressure away from its throat. The stomach strap is also a different color to make it easier for you to identify which strap goes behind your dog's front legs.

Hold the harness up with the strap with the leash ring facing toward you and the different-colored (stomach) strap facing away from you. Place the harness on the ground with the different-colored (stomach) strap facing away from you, and the strap with the leash ring facing toward you. Do not release the third strap from your hand.

Unsnap the buckle on the third strap. This strap will go over your dog's shoulders.

Walk your dog forward so that it is standing inside the loop formed by the stomach and front straps.

Lift the harness toward your dog and snap the third strap across your dog's shoulder blades. Position the front strap across your dog's chest and the stomach strap behind its front legs (not across the actual stomach).

Adjust the buckles on the harness until it fits your dog snugly. You should be able to fit two fingers beneath the harness once it is adjusted.

Hook your leash to the ring on the front strap.