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How to Keep a Dog Chain From Kinking

| Updated September 26, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Dog chain

  • Stiff wire brush

  • Hose

  • Eyebolt

  • Pliers

  • Swivel hooks

A secure fence or a kennel are the ideals in dog containment, allowing the animal to move while preventing escape. Unfortunately, they are not always possible. Chaining up a dog outside is a simple way to prevent it from running off. However, chains often tangle. Keeping a dog chain from kinking is essential for allowing your dog to move and play while you cannot watch him or her.

Select an area in which to confine your dog. An area with grass or gravel footing will keep your chain from becoming muddy or gathering excess debris. Pick up any large branches or rocks to prevent your dog from injuring himself while tied out.

Scrub your dog chain with a stiff wire brush and rinse it well with clean water. Hair, mud and debris can cause your chain to kink and tangle. Lay your chain out in a sunny area, allowing it to dry completely before use.

Mount your chain about 12 inches above ground to prevent your dog from walking over it. Find a secure beam or post, and attach the eyebolt to it. Hold the bolt with pliers and twist it into the post, driving it in as far as possible to prevent the chain from tangling around it.

Clip a swivel hook to each end of your chain, securing one end to your eyebolt and the other to your dog’s collar. The swiveling action of the hooks allows the chain to twist and turn as your dog moves, and prevents it from kinking.


  • Make sure to use a sufficiently strong chain to prevent your dog from breaking it. Dog chains come in a variety of sizes that vary according to the dog’s weight. Select a chain with large enough links to keep your dog safely contained.


  • Never leave your dog chained outdoors without proper shelter and supplies. Most dog breeds adapt well to living outside, but you must provide a dry doghouse and plenty of fresh food and water to keep your pet safe and healthy.