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How to Use a Chifney Bit

The chifney bit is a tool used to lead a horse that is unruly and tries to rear up, such as young race horses. Since a rearing horse is dangerous, using a device -- like the chifney bit -- to protect the handler is often necessary. However, since it is a harsh bit, an experienced handler is required to prevent harm to the horse or handler.

Step 1

Attach each side of the headstall to the ring on each side of the chifney bit. Do not attach a curb chain. Clip the lead rope to the bottom ring of the chifney bit.

Step 2

Hold the top of the headstall with your right hand and the bit in your left hand. Slide the headstall over your horse's ears and press the bit against his lips and into his mouth over his tongue.

Step 3

Fit the bit so there is a wrinkle on each side of your horse's mouth and he looks like he is smiling.

Step 4

Stand to the left side of the horse and ask him to walk. Lead the horse with the lead rope attached to the bit. If he attempts to rear, stand out of the way and pull straight down on the lead rope. The bit then applies pressure to the top of the horse's mouth.