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How to Put in Draw Reins

Draw reins are training tools, invented in the 16th century by William Cavendish, that require an experienced rider or trainer with soft, controlled hands. The draw reins encourage the proper headset, a long, relaxed neck, by applying downward pressure to the snaffle bit. When used properly, draw reins correct head bobbing and pulling on the bit.

Step 1

Saddle your horse with a proper fitting saddle and cinch, or girth. The girth should have a ring that fits under your horse’s barrel between his front legs.

Step 2

Bridle your horse, and fit him with a snaffle bit and snaffle rein. When the bit is fitted correctly, your horse should have a wrinkle on each side of his mouth.

Step 3

Loop or snap the draw reins to the ring on the girth between the horse’s front legs.

Step 4

Run the draw reins from the inside of the snaffle bit ring to the outside. Run the reins over the horse's neck.