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How to Remove Duct Tape From Cat Fur

| Updated September 26, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Hot water

  • Soap

  • Scissors

  • WD-40

  • Cooking oil

Removing duct tape from cat fur can be fairly easy or really difficult, depending on how well your cat behaves while you are trying to do it. It is much easier to remove the duct tape if your cat has had its claws removed. If your cat does not mind water, cleaning will be a breeze. If not, this procedure may take some effort and patience.

Run water in the bath tub until it starts to get hot. Hold your cat securely, and place it under the water where the duct tape is stuck to the fur. Wet the hair to make it easier to single out the fur that is stuck to the tape.

Rub the piece of duct tape between your fingers with hot water and soap to break up the adhesive. Continue to rub until the tape pulls off. Continue to rub the fur with the soap and water until all the adhesive is rubbed out of the fur.

Use scissors to cut the tape out of the fur, if the cat is not calm enough to wash it out. While cutting, rest the blades of the scissors as close to the tape as possible, to avoid cutting the cat. As the fur is cut, peel back the tape to provide a better view for cutting.

Apply WD-40 or cooking oil to the duct tape, if your cat will not behave in water and you do not want to cut the fur. Spray the adhesive side of the tape with WD-40, and let it sit for a few minutes. The duct tape will pull right out. Massage the tape and fur with cooking oil to remove. This may take some time, but it does work.


  • Give your cat treats to keep it calm during cleaning.


  • If your cat is not used to taking baths or really does not like water, you may need to see a veterinarian.