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How to Clean Pet Hair From Polyester Fabric

| Updated September 26, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Bucket

  • Rubber cleaning gloves

When it comes to having pets, pet shedding may be the only thing you wish you could change about your furry friend. Although polyester doesn't attract as much pet hair as other materials, you'll still notice the hair on the fabric. Instead of investing in expensive vacuums, pet hair products or de-shedding tools, there is one item that will successfully remove all pet hair in a few seconds. The best part about this product: If you don't already have it in your home, you can purchase it for just a few bucks.

Fill a gallon bucket halfway with water. Place the bucket outside.

Put on a pair of rubber cleaning gloves.

Rub your hands over the entire polyester fabric. Watch as the rubber gloves grab hold of all the fur.

Continue to rub the fabric until all the hair has been removed.

Dip your rubber-gloved hands into the bucket of water. The hair will be removed and float to the top of the water. Take off the gloves, and dump the water onto your lawn.