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How to Clean the Canister Filter in a Marineland C-360

| Updated September 26, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Pitcher

  • Sink

  • Large tub (optional)

The Marineland Multi-Stage C-360 Canister Filter is designed to use mechanical, chemical and biological filtration to remove sediment, harmful chemicals and bacteria and other materials from aquarium water. These materials do not only negatively affect fish and plants, but also the water’s color and odor and detract from the aquarium's overall appearance. As the C-360’s biological filtration methods--ceramic rings and BIO-Filter balls--also increase the growth of helpful bacteria, regular cleaning in a way that doesn’t add contaminates to the filter media is imperative to maintaining a healthy aquarium and filter efficiency.

Shut off the water flow to the valve block on your Marineland C-360 canister filter. Lift the valve block and the attached hoses from the motor head. Pick up the canister and carry it to a clean sink or large tub.

Flip up the lock buckles and lift buckles to unlatch the motor head from the canister top. Lift it from the canister.

Turn the motor head over and remove the impeller assembly cover and impeller assembly from underneath. Rinse both pieces under warm tap water to remove debris. Reinsert the pieces into the motor head and set the motor head aside.

Remove the media securing plate. Lift the Stack n' Flo filter trays and filter media from the canister. Separate the filter media--filter floss pad, ceramic rings, BIO-Filter balls, carbon filter bags and filter foam--and trays inside your sink or tub.

Fill a pitcher with water from the aquarium and pour it over the media and trays. Repeat the process until you've removed the bulk of any build-up such as sediment that can block the filter media from filtering efficiently. Rinse the canister interior with the same water.

Reassemble the media and trays and return the trays and media securing plate to the canister.

Return the motor head--intake nozzle aligned with the connecting pipe--to the canister. Close the lock and lift buckles.

Carry the canister back to your aquarium. Lower the valve block into motor head, turn and flip down the key to lock the valve block in place and flip down the key cover. Push the “Start” button on top of the motor head to begin using the filter again.


  • Never clean your Marineland C-360 filter media with tap water--only the impeller assembly and its cover. Additionally, never use chemicals or cleaners. Permanent filter and aquarium damage can result as well as water contamination.