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How to Repair an Aquarium Glass Chip

i Photodisc/Digital Vision/Getty Images

You can repair aquarium glass at home in many instances, using a glass repair kit and taking minimal time. Chipped glass repairs are simple; long cracks are difficult to seal and to contain. Repair a chip as soon as you notice it to prevent it from spreading beyond the point of containment. For a severe crack, let a pro take over.

Step 1

Remove your pets from the tank and place them in a temporary living situation. Drain all of the water from the tank.

Step 2

Use a needle to clean glass shards from the chipped area. Pick out loose pieces with a tack and tweezers, and place them in a trash bin.

Step 3

Spray glass cleaner on the chipped area and wipe it clean with a paper towel. Look for any small pieces you missed with the tweezers. Sometimes they will dislodge during the cleaning. Remove any loose pieces with the tweezers and discard.

Step 4

Press the suction cup against the glass to cover the chip. The suction cup must lie flush against the glass with the nipple over the crack.

Step 5

Insert the injector tip into the nipple. Press the injector to squeeze the epoxy. Continue adding epoxy until the crack is filled and the epoxy is flush with the suction cup.

Step 6

Remove the injector and place the cap on the injector tip to prevent epoxy overflow.

Step 7

Place the aquarium in direct sunlight for five minutes to solidify the epoxy. Remove the suction cup and use a paper towel to clean any epoxy that spills over.

Step 8

Use a razor blade to cut the epoxy flush with the window. Leave the aquarium in the sun for an additional 10 minutes to allow the epoxy to completely cure.