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How to Set Up the AquaClear Powerhead

| Updated September 26, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Short piece of 0.5-diameter transparent plastic tubing

  • Bowl

  • Boiling water

  • Protein skimmer (optional)

  • Undergravel filter (optional)

The AquaClear Powerhead aquarium filter’s output nozzle allows it to easily attach to protein skimmers and similar filter accessories. The AquaClear Powerhead is manufactured with a horizontal/vertical output flow diverter that creates currents exactly where the aquarist chooses. The filter also has an adjustable flow control that gives the aquarist complete control over the volume of water directed into the aquarium.

If you want the AquaClear Powerhead to run your protein skimmer, fit the exhaust nozzle of the Powerhead into the intake port of the skimmer. The Powerhead will be supported and held in position by the larger skimmer.

If the Powerhead nozzle does not fit into the intake port of the skimmer, use a short piece of transparent 0.5-inch diameter plastic tubing to connect the Powerhead to the skimmer. Place the piece of tubing into a bowl of boiling water for 30 seconds to soften it and assist with the connection.

If you want the Powerhead to run an undergravel filter, push the Powerhead’s intake stem into the stem of the undergravel filter.

Position the aquarium rim attachment onto the tank to secure the Powerhead. Use the water movement switch to run the Powerhead in reverse flow mode to ensure bacterial activity throughout the sand bed.

Submerge the Powerhead if required, because the hermetically-sealed motor is isolated from the aquarium water.

Adjust the amount of air drawn into the Powerhead by turning the ribbed top of the air injection control valve on the venturi aeration device. Ensure that the noise suppressor air filter is in place in the venturi device, because this also removes airborne contaminants.

Decide in which areas of the aquarium you want a current, and adjust the horizontal and vertical output flow diverter to create a current in the area of your choice.

Adjust the flow control to ensure the optimal amount of water movement for the size of the aquarium.