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The Best Ways to Remove Pet Hair From Clothing

| Updated September 26, 2017

The best way to quickly remove pet hair from clothing is to rub something the hair sticks to over the surface of the garment. You can choose from several common household items to pull pet fur off your clothes.

Best Pet Hair Removers

  • Duct tape: To remove pet hair from clothing with duct tape, wrap the duct tape sticky side out around the palm of your hand and gently swipe the tape over the surface of the garment's fabric.
  • Lint brush: To use a lint brush for fur removal, feel the surface of the brush to determine which way provides a slightly bristly sensation, then slide the brush over the garment with the bristles catching the loose hair. 
  • Hook and loop tape: Slide the hook side of the hook and loop tape over the surface of the garment to catch strands of fur that are caught on your clothing. 
  • Pet hair removal brush: A pet hair removal brush is similar to a lint brush, but is specially designed to remove pet fur from textile items. To use a pet fur removal brush, slide it over the surface of the garment.  
  • Rubber gloves: Rubber, or latex, gloves grab pet hair when rubbed over the surface of the fabric. To use rubber gloves to remove pet hair from clothes, put on the gloves and rub your hands over the garment. 
  • Tumble drying: While tumble drying is not as effective at removing pet hair from garments as the other methods, it can get a significant amount of pet hair out of your clothes. For best results, toss a dryer sheet in the dryer with the garments, then let the dryer run on the warm setting for at least 15 minutes.

Reduce Future Pet Hair Buildup

Groom your furry pet frequently to reduce the amount of loose hair that can become airborne and stick to your clothes. Also, frequently vacuum your home to keep loose fur from floating around, and make sure your pet eats a healthy diet to help reduce fur loss.

Remove Pet Dander

In addition to removing the hair follicles, it can be a good idea to remove the pet dander as it is an allergen for some people. Vacuum or use a lint brush on the surface of the fabric to pull out loose dander. Launder the garments in the hottest water the garment can withstand.


  • Information about the ideal washing temperature can be found on the garment's care tag.

Protect Your Garments

To keep fuzz and pet hair from collecting on clothing when not in use, store garments in areas sealed off from pets, such as a securely closed closet or in a garment bag. Also, rub a dryer sheet or a piece of electrostatic cloth over the surface of the garment to release any remaining fur and to prevent fur from attaching to clothing.