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Killing Fleas With Water

| Updated September 26, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Large sheet cake pan

  • Electric nightlight

  • Lemon-scented detergent

  • Flea shampoo

A natural enemy of fleas is water. Fleas do not swim well and will drown when submerged in water. The application of soapy water to bedding will kill larvae and fleas alike, and when water is combined with certain smells like citrus to wash floors and carpets, it repels fleas from taking up residence or laying their eggs. Using water to kill fleas is an holistic approach, leaving less toxicity in your home, pet and the environment.

Place your pet's bedding next to an electrical outlet and plug-in a nightlight. Place a large sheet cake pan filled with soapy water directly below the nightlight. The one thing fleas like second to your warm pet is a warm light. While your pet sleeps, the fleas will make a jump toward the light and end up in the water and drown.

Wash all pet bedding in hot soapy water to eliminate fleas and flea larvae from the bedding.

Prepare to bathe your pet by first lathering up their neck with a flea shampoo containing pyrethrins, a natural insecticide made from chrysanthemums Leave the lather on for about ten minutes.

Fill the bathtub or sink with warm water and immerse your pet's entire body to drown the fleas. Some will make their way up to the neck trying to escape the water and get trapped in the suds and die. Make sure to rinse your pet thoroughly.

Wash floors and baseboards with lemon or citrus scented detergent mixed with water per bottle directions. Fleas do not like the smell and it will often help to keep them away.