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Is it Safe to Give My Cat Vaseline As a Hair Ball Treatment?

| Updated September 26, 2017

If enough hair collects in a cat's intestines, it can cause constipation, a blockage or death. While there are any number of hairball preventatives, one of most effective and least expensive is Vaseline.

Safe for Cats

Vaseline's molecules are too large to be absorbed by the intestines. It passes through the body unchanged.

Not a Laxative

Unlike many commercial hairball remedies that contain mineral oil, Vaseline does not act as a laxative.

Internal Lubricant

Just a dab of Vaseline is enough to coat hairballs and ease their passage through the intestines.

Smear it On

Some cats will lick Vaseline off a spoon. Or, if you smear it on the cat's nose or front leg below the elbow, she'll lick it off. Some cats will also eat Vaseline mixed into tuna.

Give it Daily

Give a dab of Vaseline daily for a week or two. Then give a maintenance dose once or twice a week.

Comb Your Cat, Too

Combing your cat with a flea or greyhound comb several times a week will remove loose fur and help prevent hairballs.