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How to Pamper Your Rabbit

i Maria Teijeiro/Digital Vision/Getty Images

If you think that locking Floppy in a small cage the whole day is going to make him happy, think again. Just like humans, rabbits enjoy being pampered and spoiled, and as the bunny parent, you're responsible for providing the extra-curricular activities that will achieve this. After providing him with the basics, such as food, water and a cage, go the extra mile to enrich your pet companion's life.


What candy and cookies do for children, yogurt drops, pieces of apple, dandelions, carrots and sunflower seeds can do for Floppy. In addition to a steady diet of good-quality rabbit pellets, water and hay, giving your rabbit an occasional treat is sure to make him happy. Avoid feeding your rabbit leafy vegetables and fruit until he's older than 6 months, because before this time his digestive system is sensitive and he might get diarrhea. Always introduce new treats slowly to avoid upsetting Floppy's tummy.

Exercise and Play

A few hours of exercise and playtime a day can make Floppy a happy camper. Additionally, according to VeterinaryPartner.com, regularly exercising your rabbit can prevent health conditions, such as obesity, inflamed feet, poor muscle tone and osteoporosis. Take him out of his cage so he can roam around in a rabbit-proof room or use an escape-proof pen enclosure. Provide him with toys to play with, such as cardboard tubes and boxes that he can walk through and jump on, and don't hesitate to come down to his level and join in on the fun.


In addition to feeling good, treating Floppy to a massage can improve his social skills. According to the House Rabbit Society, it helps him relax, promotes circulation and improves the range or motion in his joints. It's also an easy way to detect sudden changes in Floppy's body. To massage Floppy, slowly run your fingers from his nose, over his head and body, all the way to his tail. Then circle your fingers lightly over his cheeks and between his ears. Observe Floppy for his response and use different levels of pressure to find out what he prefers.


A clean bunny is a cheerful bunny. Just like cats, rabbits are avid groomers that lick themselves and are prone to hair balls. But rabbits can't throw up hair balls and are at a risk for a potentially fatal stomach blockage. Floppy will appreciate a good brushing at least once a week so he looks good and feels great. Brush more often during heavy shedding or if Floppy's a long-haired rabbit. Also, to keep Floppy happy, regularly visit a veterinarian to trim his nails and check his ears, eyes and teeth.