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How Long Do Domesticated Hedgehogs Live?

i John Foxx/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Well-cared for domestic hedgehogs live considerably longer than their wild cousins. In the wild, these small insect-eating animals seldom live beyond the age of 3 years. Although you shouldn't bring a baby hedgehog home before he reaches the age of 6 weeks, a young hedgehog is more likely to bond with his owner than an older animal.

Hedgehog Life Span

You can expect your little pet to keep you company for the next four to seven years. In order for him to reach that average life span, you'll need to provide him with a proper diet, housing and care.

Keeping Hedgehogs Healthy

Feed your hedgehog a diet containing quality protein and relatively little fat. If a commercial hedgehog diet is not available in your local pet store, a low-fat, dry cat food formula can fill the bill. He should also receive regular samplings of mealworms, cooked meat, vegetables, fruits and crickets. He should always have access to fresh, clean water. Keep him in a room where the temperature stays at about 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Provide him with places to hide in his cage, as hedgehogs hide when sleeping.