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How to Pluck a Dog's Ear Hair

By Contributor | Updated September 26, 2017

How to Pluck a Dog's Ear Hair. In long-haired dog breeds, the hair inside of the ear canal can come become very long. Excess ear canal hair can cause ear infections, leading to terrible discomfort for your dog. Follow these steps if you want to pluck a dog's ear hair.

Lift up the dog's ear and check to see if he has a lot of hair in it. If you notice any redness or swelling, don't pluck the hair. Redness and swelling could be signs of an infection, and if you pluck the hair and clean his ears, you could remove signs of infection.

Sprinkle ear powder in the dog's ear canal. The powder will absorb the moisture in the ears and make the hair easier to remove. Go sparingly with the ear powder, as a small amount on the ear hair is sufficient.

Grasp a small amount of ear hair at a time and pull it out. Plucking a few hairs at a time will prevent discomfort and help to keep the ears from getting irritated.

Repeat Step 3 until both ears are free of hair. Clean both ears with a dog ear cleaner to remove any waxy buildup.

Pluck the dog's ear hair every month. Plucking too often can cause irritation in your dog's ears and lead to an infection.


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