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Homemade Ear Cleaner for Basset Ears

By Daniel Cobalt | Updated September 26, 2017

chien de garde image by Eric MATVEEFF from Fotolia.com

Items you will need

  • Squirt bottle or bottle with cap, 4 oz size or larger

  • Purified or filtered water

  • Cotton or synthetic balls

  • Drying cloth or washcloth

  • White vinegar

  • Apple cider vinegar

  • Rubbing alcohol

Although most dogs lack appreciation for the process and require time to adjust to it, clean ears help prevent infection and ear problems. The importance of cleaning increases in breeds with heavy ears, such as the basset hound, due to higher infection risks, according to WebMD. Making your own cleaner decreases the cost by eliminating the commercial products. Often, you already own the ingredients you need to clean and maintain the health of your dog’s ears.


Place purified or filtered water in the bottle. Place the bottle into a bowl or container with warm water to heat it or allow it to reach room temperature if cold. Pour the water onto a cotton ball, washcloth or other material to gently rub and remove all dirt and materials from the outer ear.

Fill the bottle with 1/2 purified or filtered water and 1/2 vinegar. Replace cap. Gently shake to mix. White vinegar provides basic cleaning for most ear debris. Apple cider vinegar may help dogs decrease the amount of yeast, especially those with a history of yeast infections.

Fill bottle with 1/3 each of purified or filtered water, vinegar, and rubbing alcohol. Replace cap. Gently shake to mix. Apply to cleaning material, not the ear. Alcohol helps remove earwax, according to Vetinfo. Alcohol burns inflamed material, so inspect the ears closely before applying a mixture with alcohol.

Photo Credits

  • chien de garde image by Eric MATVEEFF from Fotolia.com


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