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Homemade Bird Toys Made of Popsicle Sticks

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Birds are such intelligent creatures they constantly need new toys to provide them with enrichment and mental stimulation. If you are a bird owner, you probably know that birds can be quite destructive and their beaks are capable of breaking toys. Toys can be expensive to purchase at pet stores, but luckily you can make homemade bird toys made of Popsicle sticks at little to no cost.

Step 1

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Clean the Popsicle sticks and check them over for splintered or broken ends so they do not harm your bird when he chews on them.

Step 2

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Drill a very small hole directly in the middle of the Popsicle sticks or drill one hole on each end of the Popsicle sticks if you would like to make a ladder.

Step 3

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Cut the yarn or twine to the desired length. Tie a sturdy knot in your yarn or twine and then lace it through the holes you have drilled in the Popsicle sticks. Add O-shaped cereals, small bird-safe bells, large plastic beads, cardboard and small wooden blocks to your creation, if you desire. Tie plastic drinking straws around the twine or yarn for even more fun.

Step 4

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Hang up your homemade bird toy in the bird's cage. Use a stainless steel pear quick link or other secure hook to mount your bird toy in the cage. If you use something durable like stainless steel your bird will not be able to chew it and unhook the toy.