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How to Tame an Eagle, Owl or Bird of Prey

By Eric Jeffs | Updated November 01, 2017

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Items you will need

  • Cage

  • Identity Tag

  • Strip of leather (a jesse)

  • Gauntlets

  • Meat

If you purchase an adult eagle, owl, or bird of prey, it will take time and patience to tame it since it will have initial aggression issues. Birds of prey require lots of attention and understanding in order to gain their trust. Once you have spent a sufficient amount of time training your bird, you will have a devoted and loyal companion for life that your friends and family will admire.

Keep the bird in a cage in the living room to get the bird accustomed to human activity.

Attach a strip of leather, known as a jesse, to one of the bird's legs along with an identity tag. This will remain on the bird's leg until the jesse needs to be replaced. You may want to have a professional help you with this step.

Train the bird for at least 30 minutes every day by attaching the other end of the jesse to your gauntlet (falconry glove) so that it cannot fly away. Reward the bird with a small piece of meat when it sits calmly on your arm. Talk to the bird in a low and soothing voice while it is on your gauntlet.

Continue this process every day for two weeks, then touch the bird behind its head to get it used to petting. Reward the bird with a small piece of meat every time it allows you to pet it.

Take the bird outside after it becomes fully comfortable with you petting it. After taking the bird outside every day for two weeks, you will be able to release the jesse from the gauntlet and it will fly back to you.

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