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How to Tame A Cockatiel

| Updated September 26, 2017

How to Tame A Cockatiel. Cockatiels are friendly birds by nature. Taming a cockatiel requires patience and following a proven technique. A new bird is often afraid of its surroundings and can take time to adjust to his owner and new cage. When taming your cockatiel, follow these steps to achieve maximum success.

Let the bird adjust to his new environment. Sit in front of the cage every day for at least twenty minutes and talk to the cockatiel in a low soft tone. After two or three days, let the bird come out of the cage on his own. Do not frighten the cockatiel by grabbing him.

Offer your cockatiel some treats such as spray millet, Cheerios, nuts or other avian treats. Attempt to reach him through the bars of the cage or coax him out of the cage to eat out of your hand.

Maintain eye contact with your cockatiel when you take him out of the cage. Place the bird on your knee, hand, fingers or arm. At the earlier stages, do not put him on your shoulder as it hinders the taming process.

Clip the wings of your cockatiel. This will make him dependent on you to pick him up every time he leaves the cage. As a result, the cockatiel will come to trust you more quickly. At this stage, teach your cockatiel the step up command by applying a little pressure on the bird's chest with your finger. This prompts the bird to place his claws on your hand.

Say no to your cockatiel when he tries to bite you. Over time, this command teaches the bird to refrain from biting. Make a list of things that aggravate the bird and don't do them. Win the trust of your cockatiel by being consistent in your techniques.


  • Keep the cockatiel in a family room.


  • Avoid yelling at the cockatiel. Do not use force to tame the cockatiel.