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Parts of a Chicken Wing

| Updated August 11, 2017

Chickens are a common farm animal and are one of the most popular animals raised for food in the United States. While chickens can flutter their wings and use them to roost high in trees and rafters, they are basically flightless birds.

Wing Shoulder

The wing shoulder is where the chicken's wing connects to the chicken's body.


The chicken's wing consists of bow feathers, bar feathers, primary coverts, secondary coverts, axial feathers, primaries and secondary feathers.


When you eat chicken wings, the little pieces that look like drumsticks are called drumettes. That is the joint that attaches the wing to the body.

Mid-Joint Wing

When you eat chicken wings, the part you refer to as the "flat" is actually called the wingette.

Wing Tip

The wing tip is the very end of the wing. If you buy whole chicken wings to cook, you will have wing tips on your wings. They are usually removed from the wings you get from a restaurant or bar.