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How to Use Downy to Get Rid of Fleas

| Updated September 26, 2017

Every dog owner knows the frustration of watching man’s best friend scratching uncontrollably after having become infested with fleas. The itching can become unbearable to both you and your dog after only a short time.

Flea collars are fine, but there is an action that you can take right away that will kill off all of the existing fleas on your dog. And this cure most likely can already be found right in your home. The product that will destroy the fleas on your dog is Downy Soap.

Fill your bath tub (or whatever container you usually use to wash your dog) with lukewarm water.

While the water is filling up the tub, add ¼ cup of Downy Soap.

Place your dog into the water and let him adjust for a few minutes.

Use another ¼ cup of the soap to shampoo your pet.

i curious dog image by Aleksander from Fotolia.com

Rinse your dog completely and then towel dry. You should notice a bunch of dead fleas floating in the used bath water.


  • Also machine wash any blankets or towels that your dog has recently used, with the Downy Soap.

    Fleas in the environment will reinfect your pet if you do not rid your home and yard of fleas and flea eggs.