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How to Remove Rust From a Horse Trailer

| Updated September 26, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Gloves

  • Sand paper

  • Steel wool

  • Table salt

  • Lemon juice

  • Cloth

  • Hose

  • ¼ teaspoon mild liquid dish soap

  • Warm water

  • Cup or bucket

  • Oxalic acid

Rust can prove to be a real problem, and it looks terrible on your horse trailer. Removing it is not a difficult task and does not require much effort on your part. Many products and home remedies can be helpful in the removal of the rust. Be sure to never use chlorine bleach, as this can make things worse. Rust accumulating on your horse trailer is inevitable but with these steps, it will be a snap to get rid of it.

Wear gloves or some sort of protective gear over your hands. It will prevent any of the rust, and the solutions used to get rid of the rust, from getting on your hands.

Scrub the rusted areas with sand paper and steel wool. These are effective tools in removing rust in easy-to-reach spots, but they do no work well for small crevices.

Pour table lemon juice onto the rusted area. Then pour salt over the lemon juice. Let the two sit for at least 24 hours. Use as much salt and lemon juice you need to and cover the entire rusted area. You will have to re-apply the lemon juice to ensure it stays wet. You will see the rust in the pile of salt when the lemon juice and salt have done their job.

Dab the rusted area, making sure you do not rub it. Rubbing can cause damage to the fibers on your horse trailer. You can use a cloth to do this.

Rinse off the area using a hose and cold water.

Applying ¼ teaspoon of mild liquid dish soap mixed with a little warm water is another effective method. You can hold the liquid in a cup or bucket. Cover the entire rusted area and allow the solution to sit for approximately 5 minutes.

Clean the rusted area with a cloth and then rinse it with cold water. Be sure to dab it, not rub. Again, you can use a hose for this. You may have to repeat this until the rust has been completely removed.

Find a rust-removing solution that contains oxalic acid. Follow the instructions that are on the solutions container. Oxalic acid is a very effective solution for getting rid of rust.