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What Is M-T-G for a Horse's Mane?

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A wide assortment of horse grooming products are on the market. Many specially designed horse shampoos and conditioners make claims about improving the quality and condition of the mane, tail and coat. M-T-G is the short name for Shapley's Mane Tail and Groom. M-T-G is a type of horse grooming liquid that is designed to improve hair quality and treat skin conditions.


Mane Tail and Groom comes in two different formulas, Original M-T-G and Original M-T-G Plus. Original M-T-G was formulated in 1938 for use to treat human skin problems and since has been used regularly on horses to treat skin conditions, including rain rot, tail rubbing, dandruff, itchy skin, sweet itch, mud fever, greasy heel, dew poisoning, scratches and girth itch. It also is used to promote healthy and accelerated hair growth.

M-T-G for the Mane

Putting M-T-G on your horse's mane should encourage the growth of healthy hair. According to Shapley's, the manufacturer of M-T-G, use of Original M-T-G or the plus version can help your horse's mane or tail grow up to an additional 3 inches a month. If your horse has rubbed out part of his mane, has an accidental bad hair cut or has been affected by hair loss due to a skin condition, using M-T-G will help the hair grow back.

How To Use M-T-G

M-T-G is applied by rubbing a small amount of undiluted liquid onto the area of your horse's mane or coat where you need to treat it. Do not rinse the area or wash it out. You can apply M-T-G multiple times without washing the area. M-T-G is not a shampoo and it will leave behind a bit of a residue. If the residue bothers you, Shapley's recommends using Shapley’s Hi Shine Shampoo to wash the area. According to Shapley's, Hi Shine Shampoo was formulated to remove M-T-G residue without damaging your horse's coat.

Advice for Using M-T-G

Original M-T-G is not the most pleasant smelling product. If the scent bothers you, use Original M-T-G Plus, which is the same formula with a more pleasant herbal odor. Also make sure to shake the M-T-G up thoroughly before you use it. Leaving M-T-G on your horse can make him more susceptible to sunburn because M-T-G contains oils that will amplify the sun's effects. M-T-G generates heat, so be careful if you wrap or cover the area where you have applied the M-T-G.