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How to Put on a Weaver Smart Cinch

i Jupiterimages/liquidlibrary/Getty Images

The Weaver brand Smart Cinch is designed to make getting a snug girth easier on both the rider and the horse. The Smart Cinch features a unique design with rollers on the buckles of the girth so the rider does not have to use as much force when pulling the leather cinch strap tight and securing the saddle in place on the horse's back. The Weaver Smart Cinch is used exclusively on western saddles.

Step 1

Saddle up your horse as you normally would. Replace your regular girth with the Weaver Smart Cinch. Attach the side of the Smart Cinch featuring a normal buckle to the off billet on your western saddle.

Step 2

Locate the top roller on the divided buckle side of your Weaver Smart Cinch. Run your cinch strap between the D-ring of your saddle and the top roller of the Smart Cinch's buckle twice, as you normally would if using a typical girth.

Step 3

Make one more loop between your D-ring and the Smart Cinch, this time bringing the cinch strap through the bottom section of the Smart Cinch. The cinch strap should be resting against the bottom roller on the cinch buckle. Pull the cinch strap tight and then buckle or tie off the cinch strap as you normally would.