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How to Crochet a Hermit Crab Net

i Jeffrey Hamilton/Photodisc/Getty Images

Your hermit crab needs more to do in his little crustacean life than simply sit in his shell and eat. Providing him with stimulating activity will keep him healthy and happy. If you enjoy crocheting, you can make him a net for his habitat. He'll love to climb on it and, if you make it big enough, you can use it to form a second level in his home. Being able to make the net any size you want is another useful advantage to crocheting it yourself. Use a natural yarn that will resist mold, such as hemp.

Step 1

Single crochet a chain of stitches. The length of the chain will determine how wide your hermit crab net is. Using fingering or baby-weight yarn and a size E-4 crochet hook, you should have about 23 stitches to each inch. So to make a 4-inch wide net, for example, you should chain 92 stitches. Whatever width you decide on, make your chain an even number of stitches.

Step 2

Chain three additional stitches to create the first strand of the net, and then turn your work so you can begin your first row.

Step 3

Slip your crochet hook into the fifth stitch from your hook and do a triple crochet stitch.

Step 4

Chain one stitch, then slip your hook into the seventh stitch and do a triple crochet stitch.

Step 5

Continue triple chain crocheting in every other stitch, chaining one stitch in between triple chaining all along the row.

Step 6

Chain four at the end of your first row and turn the work to begin the second row.

Step 7

Skip over the first triple chain in the row below, making a triple chain in the space right after it.

Step 8

Chain one stitch.

Step 9

Skip over the second triple chain in the previous row, and make a triple chain in the space after it.

Step 10

Continue triple chain stitching across the row in the spaces between the triple chains of the row below. Remember to chain one stitch in between the triple stitches.

Step 11

Triple chain in the final chain on the previous row when you reach the end of the second row, then chain four and turn your work.

Step 12

Repeat the second row until your crab net is as long as you want it.

Step 13

Pull the final stitch of your net out so that the loop is big, then remove your crochet hook and clip the end of the hemp yarn with your scissors.

Step 14

Thread the loose end of the yarn through the loop of the final stitch. Pull the loose end tight, creating a knot with the last stitch.

Step 15

Weave the loose end of the yarn into your work with a tapestry needle.