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How to Crochet Dog Muzzles

| Updated September 26, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Cotton thread or other cord of your choice

  • Crochet Hook size (according to the size of the cord)

  • Buckles

Dog muzzles are terrific if used properly, taking your dog to the vet or groomer to have his/her nails trimmed or to get groomed. The size and style of muzzle needed will depend on the type of dog you have. You can crochet your dogs muzzle from cotton thread, yarn, twine, jute, hemp, and any other soft, yet firm cord. The size will depend on your dog's muzzle size; the most important factor is the length.

Measure the length of your dog's muzzle from between the eyes to the end of the nose, from the end of the nose to the outer corner eye. From this point measure around the back of the head to the other eye, this is for the straps. Measure the diameter of the muzzle at the nose end, then at the back side of the muzzle at the neck and just under the eyes. You want the measurements to be snug, so the dog will only be able to open its mouth wide enough to drink and pant, but now bite or grab.

Begin at the nose end, create a chain to fit the end muzzle measurement, this is the opening for the muzzle at the nose. Join your chain to create a circle, then turn and single crochet in the first chain from the hook, continue single crocheting to the beginning, slip stitch in the first stitch, chain three.

Turn, double crochet in the next single crochet stitch, chain one, skip the next single crochet, double crochet and chain one, repeat this around to the first double crochet. The double crochet with a chain stitch creates the box look similar to the Italian box muzzles for your crocheted dog muzzle.

With each row of double crochet increase your stitches by three, until your muzzle is the diameter and length according to your measurements. The increased stitches can be scattered through the row according to the diameter.

Single crochet your muzzle straps from the center side of your muzzle, making them about 1 inch in width, attaching the clip at the end of your strap by wrapping your crocheted strap and sewing.


  • The size of crochet hook will depend on the cord, twine you choose. Choosing fine twine or cord will require a size H or J hook to keep your stitches taught and even. This is important for a good fitting muzzle. You can always give it a try half way through to make sure you are on the right track. Because dog muzzles vary by dog and breed there will be adjustments needed. Once you get the first one down, you will be a pro, keep notes because when you are ready to make the next one you will be ready.