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How to Properly Fit a Breast Collar

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Some horses are physically built so that it is difficult to keep a saddle in the proper place on their backs. The purpose of the breast collar is to hold the saddle in place and prevent it from slipping backward. The breast collar cannot function properly if it is not adjusted correctly. It it is important to make sure you take your time getting it sized for your horse. Breast collars also may be called breast plates.

Step 1

Saddle your horse as you normally would. Attach your breast collar to the girth. It will either clip to a small D-ring in the middle of the girth or the girth can be run through the loop at the end of the breast collar.

Step 2

Attach each side of the breast collar to the D-rings on either side of the front of your saddle. The breast collar should make a "T" shape across your horse's chest.

Step 3

Adjust the buckles on the breast collar so that it fits correctly. The breast collar should sit smoothly across your horse's shoulders and you should be able to easily slide your hand between the breast collar and the skin. It should not restrict movement in any way. The bottom strap of the breast collar needs to fit loosely enough that gravity allows it to fall several inches away from the skin.