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How to Keep Animals From Chewing Car Wiring

| Updated September 26, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Anti-chew spray

  • Electrical tape

  • Chew toy

  • Cord covers

  • Treats

Exposed car wires can become dangerous to humans and animals that you are transporting in your vehicle. If you have a pet that you are driving in your car, and you cannot keep the car wiring out of reach, train your dog to avoid the cords and wires so that it does not accidentally chew on them and get electrocuted. Chewed car wiring can also damage the wires in your car, causing parts to malfunction.

Use electrical tape to hold car wiring out of your animal's reach. You can tape the wiring to a side panel somewhere and cover the wires at the ends with the tape to keep them from sticking out. When wires stick out or down is when animals become attracted to them, making it easy for them to grab onto with their mouths.

Spray anti-chew solution onto car wiring. Make sure the spray is safe to use on wires first. The anti-chew solution produces a foul smell and yucky taste for animals, which works to turn animals off from the item they want to chew on. Anti-chew sprays are not always effective, however, because some animals do not mind the bitter taste they give off. Another alternative is to create your own spray using red cayenne pepper and water or hot pepper sauce and water.

Do not let your dog get away with chewing on the wires. As soon as you see your pet becoming interested in the car wiring, redirect the dog's attention to something else. If you catch your dog in the act of chewing, correct the behavior by saying "no" with a stern voice and relocating the dog so it is not within reach of the cords. You can also redirect the dog's attention by giving it a chew toy instead of the wires. Never hit your dog or use physical means for correcting behavior.

Place cord covers over the wiring. Cord covers protect animals from having access to the actual wire because the cover blocks them instead.

Distract your dog with toys or treats. A bone filled with peanut butter will surely be more stimulating and interesting than the car wires. Non-edible toys, such as squeaky balls, make effective distractions, too.