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How to Save Your Screen Door From Pet Scratches

| Updated September 26, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic shield

  • Odor spray

  • Scratching post

Screen doors are often torn to shreds by household pets. Cats use them for climbing or sharpening their claws, while dogs can tear them up trying to get inside. But screen doors can be expensive and often cost renters more than they are worth. The best way to save your screen door from pet scratches is to take preventative measures. Give your pets alternative ways of letting you know it is time to come inside, and be prompt in opening the door.

Attach a plastic door guard to the lower half of your screen door. These are often inexpensive and can be found online or at your local pet store.

Provide multiple scratching posts for your cat, both indoors and outdoors. Presenting an alternative scratching area will make it less likely your cat will be drawn to the screen door.

Teach your dog to bark when they are ready to come inside. Be sure to listen and open the door at the first or second bark. This will prevent them scratching at the door in desperation.

Use a natural odor spray to deter felines. Natural Pet makes a spray out of garlic and cloves that can be applied directly onto the screen door and helps keep cats away.

Purchase heavy duty screen material. Several companies make pet-proof screens out of fiberglass that you can install yourself.


  • Place a small amount of catnip on scratching posts to make them more appealing.