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How to Keep a Cat Away From a Pool

| Updated September 26, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Electronic cat repellent or alarm

  • Spray bottle

  • Electronic cat stimulation pad

  • Repellent spray

  • Motion-sensor water repellent

While most cats are naturally hesitant to get wet, others can fall into full bathtubs or swimming pools while trying to drink or play and have trouble getting out. Cats can drown trying to get out using the pool's slippery sides. Invest in cat-proof fences and pool covers to keep them away from pools and spend time training your cat to avoid the pool and other water hazards. An alternative idea is to swim with a water-loving cat and teach it to exit where the stairs are so it never gets stranded in the pool.

Attach an electronic cat alarm to the pool area. The machine detects motion, then emits pulsating ultrasonic waves to scare the cat away.

Squirt your cat with a spray bottle when it comes too close to the pool. While this method requires you to monitor your cat's activities closely during the initial training period, after a few sprays, your cat should want to avoid the pool area. Alternatively, install a motion-sensor sprinkler system that will spray your cat if it enters the pool area.

Place electronic stimulation pads around the pool area or on the pathway to the pool. When the cat steps on the mat, it will receive a low-power electronic stimulation that encourages it to turn around and avoid the pool. These mats are not weatherproof; use them during the initial training period, then replace them with fake replicas that can stay outside throughout the year.

Spray repellent sprays around the pool area. The sprays can contain natural or chemical substances that mimic the scent or coyote, fox or bobcat urine, which cats naturally want to avoid.