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DIY Cat Repellent

| Updated September 26, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Rue

  • Citrus peels

  • Coffee grinds or cayenne pepper

  • Motion activated sprinklers

  • Chicken wire

  • Spray water bottle

  • Lemon juice

  • Carpet runners

  • Decorative rocks

Regardless of how much you love your cat, when it displays destructive tendencies -- such as using your flower bed as a litter box or scratching your furniture -- you'll want to deter it from those activities. Whether it's a stray cat in the yard or your indoor pet, there are safe ways to keep felines away from forbidden areas.


Plant rue near outdoor areas where you want cats to stay away. Cats are repelled by the smell of the herb and will avoid the area. Place dried rue in your garden or other areas where do not want to grow the plant.

Collect peels from citrus fruits, such as lemons, oranges and grapefruit. Place the peels in areas -- outdoors or indoors -- where you don't want cats.

Save coffee grinds and sprinkle them over dirt and plants, along with other areas where you want cats to stay away. Cayenne pepper works as an alternative.

Buy a motion-activated sprinkler and install it in your yard. When a cat enters the yard the sprinkler will activate and act as a repellent.

Buy chicken wire from a hardware or garden supply store and place it over surfaces where you want cats to stay away. Cats do not like the feel of chicken wire beneath their paws and will generally avoid it.


Fill a spray bottle with tap water and spritz the cat when it approaches forbidden areas.

Buy decorative rocks from craft stores and pour them on top of the dirt in potted plants. The feel of the rocks beneath its paws will repel your cat from the soil.

Pour 1/3 cup of lemon juice into a spray bottle containing a cup of water. Use this to mist off-limits areas.

Buy carpet runners and flip them so that the textured underside is facing up. Place them in locations where you don't want cats. The texture of the runner will feel uncomfortable beneath their paws and become a deterrent.