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Does Cayenne Pepper Repel Dogs?

| Updated September 26, 2017

Dogs get into many things, especially as puppies. It can be difficult to train a dog to stay away from certain things. Cayenne pepper can be used to mark items that dogs should not chew on or lick. It is a spicy pepper, which you can easily tell by dipping your finger in it and touching your finger to the tip of your tongue. Your dog won't want to be around items that have been treated with Cayenne pepper.


Typically, Cayenne pepper is used to make foods spicy. However, it can also be used to keep dogs off of certain items. This is because the pepper produces a mild burning sensation when it is licked. The function of Cayenne pepper in this instance would be to protect the items you do not want your dog to chew or lick.


Take a bit of Cayenne pepper on a small plate or in a small bowel. With your fingers, rub the pepper onto the item that you would like protected. Leave the pepper on the item until your dog no longer shows attention to the item.


You will know when your dog has tried to bite or lick the item you want protected. He will walk quickly away from the item, and will be licking his mouth or getting a drink of water. Most dogs do not want to experience that again, so they will not attempt licking or biting the item. When the dog has left the item alone for a few days, you can remove the pepper from the item.


Leaving pepper on an item for too long might cause it to become stained. The pepper might also attract bugs or ants, if left for longer than a few hours. Therefore, only use pepper on items that won't become stained, such as chair legs or items made of wood or plastic that can easily be cleaned.


While licking Cayenne pepper won't hurt a dog, ingesting too much of it can cause heartburn and indigestion, just like in humans. Observe your dog carefully and make sure he does not eat too much of the pepper.