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How to Find Exotic Big Cats for Sale

| Updated November 01, 2017

For the average Joe, you are not going to find exotic big cats for sale. This is because they are not legal to own. You must have proper licensing in order have one. There are however some exotic big cats which you can have in your home and are legal to own. The following article will provide different scenarios where you would be able to find exotic big cats for sale.

The legal way. Savannah cats and Bengal cats are basically big versions of house cats. They are great with kids if properly trained. There are many places around the world where these desirable cats can be purchased. There are two great resources for these exotic big cats for sale in the resources section of this article, below.

Zoos are able to get these exotic big cats for sale because they are properly licensed and trained to handle them. They usually have breeding programs and often will release exotic big cats back into their natural habitats.

There are also many smaller non-profit organizations that aim to protect cats in the wild. They also are able to find exotic big cats for sale or even for free if they are donated. These organizations breed and often release these cats back into the wild. Donating your time at one of these organizations might be a great opportunity for someone who is looking for exotic big cats for sale because they would actually get to spend some time with them and learn how to deal with them in a safe environment.

Permits can be obtained for special circumstances. Many movie cats or other super star cats are obtained through this method. In general, you need a lot of money and a lot of training in order to make this happen.