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How to own a Lynx Legally

| Updated November 01, 2017

How to own a Lynx Legally. Owning a lynx is illegal in many states. Legally owning an exotic big cat requires diligence and dedication to not only the lynx but all your neighbors. Keeping a big cat such as a lynx can be a highly rewarding experience provided it is legal in your state and the lynx has the proper habitat.

Contact your local animal control authorities to get the telephone number of the government department with legal authority over keeping big cats as pets. Exotic pets range in size from small amphibians to very large pets, so be specific when talking to authorities and ask them specifically about the legalities of lynx ownership.

Read through all home owner's insurance documents and leases for rental property. Look for clauses related to exotic pet ownership and pet ownership in general. Insurance companies can dispute or refuse property damage claims from large cat breeds, and injury claims could be enormous if a neighbor or visitor is injured.

Request and submit all required license applications prior to buying a lynx. State government rules and regulations vary by state and some have very specific bans on all exotic big cats while some are very vague. Lynx cost thousands of dollars and require thousands more for fees, enclosure and care.

Arrange shipment of the lynx. Certain delivery companies offer live animal delivery and special arrangements must be made for shipment of an exotic big cat. All the proper notifications should be handled by the seller as part of the purchase fees.

Notify your neighbors and visitors that you own a lynx. You are well advised to post warnings around your property. Being legally responsible for a large cat includes the safety of your neighbors as the lynx is a predator and will act like one if it breaks free.