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About Akita Wolves

| Updated October 19, 2017

An Akita wolf is an Akita dog bred with a wolf. This animal is considered to be a wolf-dog or hybrid. Akitas are chosen primarily for their markings and stature. Precautions must be taken if you are choosing to own one for the first time.


The Akita wolf is a natural-born security guard. The Akita wolf is a large breed in which males average between 85 and 130 pounds and females average between 65 and 110 pounds. They are strong and loyal and are a great working-class breed.


There are many opinions about Akita wolves. Many believe that Akita wolves make great companions and provide an educational example about wolf hybrids to the public. Others believe that Akita wolves make poor pets, are dangerous and unpredictable.


The Akita wolf has a dominant and predatory nature. The Akita wolf is also very intelligent and gets bored easily. Sometimes, this makes it difficult to train the Akita wolf. More mistakes are made by the trainer than the Akita wolf. If the Akita wolf hybrid is not successful at obedience training, it can be expected that the hybrid will challenge the owner for dominance.


The Akita wolf does not get along well with small children. If the child teases or antagonizes an Akita wolf the chances of the child being attacked are increased. The Akita wolf also considers small animals as prey and smaller pets could be attacked. Akita wolves are very possessive eaters. This could create a conflict with other animals in the household.


When choosing to own an Akita wolf it is essential to research your state laws and regulations concerning ownership of a wolf hybrid. Many states consider wolf hybrids to be illegal because there is not scientific evidence that a rabies vaccine exists for the Akita wolf. Please do not put the animal in jeopardy by placing it in an environment that may cause it potential harm. If you reside in a state that prohibits ownership of wolf hybrids and authorities discover that you own one, your family pet may be removed from your residence and euthanized.


It is significant to look for a responsible and reputable breeder when choosing to purchase an Akita wolf. You want to insure that you are receiving not only a healthy animal but also one that has potential to be a good companion. There is a large number of breeders to choose from. Having an Akita wolf is a life changing experience and cannot be taken lightly. It is important to ask yourself, "What is my goal for this animal?"


Owning an Akita wolf can be a rewarding experience for the owner and the animal with the proper education and research needed to own such an animal. An Akita wolf could be a loyal and loving companion for as long as 16 years, so it is important to plan for the future accordingly.