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How to Own a Pet Wolf

| Updated November 01, 2017


  • Owning a pet wolf is too difficult for the average pet owner, and is not recommended unless you have experience with wolf-dogs or wolf hybrids first.

How to Own a Pet Wolf. While owning a pet wolf can be extremely challenging, it is mostly due to the strength of wolf instincts as opposed to any stereotypes about being excessively wild or vicious animals. While most wildlife experts strongly recommend that you do not try to own a pet wolf, by following these steps, you can tame one and even co-exist with one in a mutually rewarding way. Read on to learn more.

Learn to Own a Pet Wolf

Determine if ownership of a pet wolf is allowed in the area where you live. Many states, counties and local governments have strict requirements when it comes to wolves. Some jurisdictions require a specific permit, such as an exotic pet license, before you can legally claim ownership of a wolf.

Adopt an attitude of mutual respect if you choose to own a pet wolf. While a wolf may alter its wilder behaviors through traditional training methods, many people feel this will only temporarily repress its instincts. Many wildlife experts feel that the secret in keeping a wolf is in allowing as much of its natural behavior to exist as possible.

Identify the commitment you need to make to the animal before you place it in captivity. If you decide after some time that ownership of a wolf is too much too handle, you will likely be very limited in the choices you can make to correct the situation. There are very few wolf shelters and if you try to return it to the wild, it may be killed by other wolves.

Consult with your neighbors before taking a wolf as a pet. They may have many real concerns, especially if they have children, livestock or pets. In some areas, they can even legally prevent you from keeping the wolf.

Consider owning at least two wolves since they are naturally pack animals, and tend to develop less behavioral problems if they have company.

Create an appropriate habitat for your pet wolf. You must give it plenty or room to roam, but at the same time protect it from outside forces. Chain link fences of at least 6 feet in height are recommended.

Learn more about how to own a pet wolf from online resources such as the Wolf Trust website (see Resources below).