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How to Find Miniature Cows for Sale

| Updated August 11, 2017

Miniature cows, also known as Lowline cattle, haven't been bred to be so small. Instead, they are related to breeds that came to the U.S. from Europe in the 1800s, according to the article "Farms Downsize with Miniature Cows" from the Los Angeles Times. Miniature cows weight less than half as much as their larger relatives, and they are more economical to raise. Miniature cows also produce more meat and less waste when compared to that of a a full-sized cow. Miniature cows are perfect for people with the desire to raise cattle using fewer resources.

Contact the American Lowline Registry to locate a reputable ranch or breeder in your area. This association is made up of lowline cattle owners and breeders from all across America. Their website includes information and resources on lowline cattle breeds as well as classified ads to help buyers find miniature cows for sale.

Learn the going prices for miniature cows, calves, steers or bulls, depending on which you intend to purchase. If you live in a rural or agricultural area, local cattle associations or even the extension service may be able to help you locate these lowline cattle in your area and may offer practical tips on raising the smaller cattle.

Search out local livestock auctions and the county fair to learn about nearby farms that raise miniature cows. These can be one of the best resources for finding the animals you want to buy as well as for information on current prices.

Submit a want ad free of charge on the American Lowline Registry website. State your criteria, such as a bred heifer or a quality Dexford bull, and geographic area.